My PhD research is grounded in conservation sciences. I have been working in an interdisciplinary environment and in an interdisciplinary perspective. I have been using tools, concepts and methods from urban ecology, geography and conservation psychology.

My PhD thesis is entitled "Domestic gardens as places pollinators go through and where they meet inhabitants". Briefly, I have been working during three years in a peri-urban context in domestic gardens about pollinators. The urbanization process changes the opportunities of encounters between inhabitants and natureand It also impacts other living beings, such as pollinators, often with negative consequences. The domestic gaden stands as a meeting place for inhabitants and nature in peri-urban areas. Studies focusing on domestic gardens in urban ecology are still scarce, even if their number are now increasing. My work aimed at showing that domestic gardens are integrated in a wider landscape and social context, which allow them to play a role in biodiversity conservation, especially pollinators conservation.

You may find here a full abstract of my PhD manuscript in english and in french.